A recent study revealed the fact that lung cancer is among the main death cause in patients suffering from cancer in the United States. The total amount actually surpasses those of other types of cancer; all combined (whether it is throat, kidney, pancreas, breast, prostate, ovarian esophagus, liver, bladder, colon, stomach, blood, and bone marrow). Other discoveries include the fact that smoking over longer periods of time is known to affect almost all bodily organs and systems, while significantly reducing the overall health of a person.

Although there are several risk factors that lead to the appearance of lung cancer (exposure to secondhand smoke, family history, exposure to radon gas, exposure to asbestos, exposure to other carcinogens, etc.), smoking actually represents the number one factor that causes this type of cancer and that can be controlled.

Even though not every smoker ends up developing lung cancer, the risk increases with the amount of cigarettes each person smokes and with the length of time he “enjoys” this vice. Believe it or not, but deciding to quit smoking will actually decrease the possibility of developing this type of deadly cancer.

More and more studies have revealed the fact that around 7,000 chemicals are located in tobacco smoke, and out of these, 70 are known to cause cancer.

What it is important to understand is that not only smoking a cigarette can lead to lung cancer, but also smoking pipes, cigars or any other type of tobacco; the results are equally as dangerous. A recent study that was conducted throughout the entire territory of the United States has revealed the fact that around 90% off all lung cancer patients have developed this condition due to smoking. It is said that by making a comparison between a person that doesn’t smoke and a smoker, the last one actually increases his chances of developing lung cancer by 30%. What’s even more serious is the fact that it really doesn’t matter if a person smokes 20 cigarettes per day or 5 cigarettes per week; this deadly smoke enters the organism and starts affecting the main organs. The risk increases with the amount of cigarettes that a person smokes and the length of time he continues with this nasty habit.

What’s even more dramatic is the fact that even secondhand smoking can cause the same medical conditions as direct smoking. Lung cancer can easily be developed by breathing the contaminated air around the people that smoke cigars, cigarettes and even pipes.

Another study conducted in the United States, showed frightening results when it revealed the fact that about 8,000 non-smokers die annually due to lung cancer, 50% of all children are constantly exposed to secondhand smoking and one thirds of all adults are going through the same situation.

The bottom line is that the decision to stop smoking can make the difference between a healthy and a sickly life, because choosing this solution can significantly lower the risk of developing lung cancer.