Once a person decides to quit smoking, he must be aware of the fact that he will experience a series of nicotine withdrawal symptoms. In the end, it is important to know that all these signs actually indicate the fact that the organism is fighting to recover from the nicotine addiction. Depending on each person’s organism, the stages of the nicotine withdrawal and their severity fluctuate from easy to extremely painful.

In general, the most common symptoms disappear in maximum 4 weeks, and these may include headache, constipation, irritability, nausea, anxiety, fatigue, hunger, difficulty concentrating and tobacco cravings.

Here are the first stages of nicotine withdrawal:

00:00 – the moment in which you have smoked the last cigarette, and you suddenly realize that, if you manage to remain concentrated and determined, it will really be the last cigarette you will ever have.

04:00 – after about 4 hours, the first cravings will begin appearing and disturbing your concentration. You will begin feeling confused and a cigarette is all that you have in mind. Hang on!

10:00 – Trouble sleeping / restlessness. The time before going to bed is the most difficult period, mainly because you know that all you can think about is smoking just one cigarette, and you are aware of the fact that it’s going to be a sleepless night.

24:00 (one day since the last cigarette) – irritability after the first day without any cigarettes. You suddenly get into stupid arguments with your loved ones, and when you realize that your condition is due to your lack of smoking, you begin feeling frustrated and nervous.

48:00 (2 days since the last cigarette) – headaches begin making room. This period is considered to be at about 2/3 from the end of your road. For the first time, you begin feeling the sensation that you can pull it through… if it wasn’t for these stupid headaches.

60:00 (two and a half days since the last cigarette) – this is the time for stress and anxiety; not an easy period. This is also probably the first day of work, if you’ve decided to start this entire process on a Friday. Just imagine the stress and anxiety load when you have to deal with an entire work day without the help of a cigarette.

72:00 (3 days since the last cigarette) – this is the moment when you begin feeling that you can actually succeed. You begin feeling proud that you have managed to get over these past 3 days.

168:00 (1 week since the last cigarette) – way to go!!! I bet you’ve never imagined yourself reaching this point, but here you are. It wasn’t an easy trip, but if you think about it, it’s wasn’t that hard either; after all, you managed to come this way.

Weeks 2-4 – this is the period where most of the withdrawal symptoms begin to fade away, including insomnia, fatigue, hunger, coughs, etc. You will still have to face the nicotine cravings for a while, but it will be much easier from this point on.