quit smoking apps 2016These days there seem to be apps for almost everything. Included in this vast array are apps for people who want to quit smoking. While that’s great news, the problem arises from the fact that there are so many apps. How does one select the best one?

The apps that are discussed here, in no particular order, have been selected because they have strong user ratings in the US and the UK, are updated regularly and—most importantly—have been successful in helping people quit. 

Get Rich or Die Smoking

This colorful free app, rated as #1 by Android Headlines, offers a great deal to users. It shows you how much money you’re saving by not smoking and what you can buy with that money. It also charts your progress, shows the health progress you’re making, and provides a relapse button that holds you accountable if you slip.

You can also personalize the configurations, chat to others trying to quit, and share things via Facebook, email, or SMS. The app is also free of those annoying ads.

Livestrong! MyQuit Coach

This app features high on the lists of Healthline and Men’s Fitness and has been approved by doctors and smoking cessation specialists. The app is also user-friendly and interactive.

This app is a virtual coach that creates a personalized quit plan for each user. A smoker can opt to go cold turkey or be weaned off cigarettes more gradually. Users are given tips, awarded achievement badges and provided with facts about quitting. You can also track how much you have saved by not buying cigarettes. Users can connect directly to the Livestrong website, Facebook and Twitter.

Quit Smoking: Cessation Nation

This free app is also highly rated, popular, and has been around for a few years. As the name implies, a major feature of the app is making the user part of a large group—or “nation”—of people who are also quitting smoking and are there to support each other.

Cessation Nation offers a large number of screens that provide you with information such as dates and amount of money saved, access to the app’s online community, statistics about health improvements since quitting, and Craving Crusher Game to distract you from those cravings.

However, the app must be installed on the phone, not the SD card, so the widgets work properly.

QuitIt Lite

Also free, this app focuses on savings as the main motive for quitting. It does this by keeping track of the cigarettes you don’t buy and smoke and how much you have therefore saved in terms of both money and time.

It also provides information on health benefits, awards trophies, and—in the Pro version—provides an ‘emergency’ button that calls up scary medical facts and images to help when your resolve might be faltering!


The focus of this app is to keep you motivated. It generates stats that keep you focused: how many days cigarette free, the money you have saved, the increase in your life expectancy, and health improvements at each smoke-free milestone. The app gives you awards, tips, and you can make use of the chat facility, Facebook app and support from other users.

What’s great about this app is that the stats and updates it provides are real-time. Also, the facts on offer are accurate and help with the quitting process. It’s also available in a staggering 44 different languages, according to Techpp.

There are some charges, however, that vary depending on whether you use Android, iOS, or Blackberry.

My Last Cigarette

This app has a following in the US and UK and has helped thousands of people to kick the habit since 1999. The user enters their personal information and the app generates a personalized plan.

It provides charts, real-time statistics, medical information, savings data, and health benefit updates. It even calculates—based on the cigarettes smoked—carbon monoxide levels, heart attack and cancer risk, and nicotine levels. It also sends daily motivational messages and images.

Hypnosis apps

For those who’d like to check out the less mainstream apps there are two on offer from hypnotherapists.

  1. Andrew Johnson uses encouragement, deep relaxation and hypnosis to communicate with the subconscious to help people quit smoking.
  2. Max Kirsten’s app has won awards and makes use of video sessions, audio, e-books, and guides. These combine to make users focused and highly motivated.Break Free Quit Smoking

So, isn’t it time to quit?

Regardless of what types of support you’d like or think you need there’s an app out there for you. And the vast majority of them are free! You can have a quit smoking coach and buddy in your pocket whether you have an iOS, Android, Blackberry, iPad, or iPhone. What are you waiting for?